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The mission of Brooke USA is to significantly improve the health, welfare and productivity of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them for survival worldwide. We are committed to sustainable economic development by reducing poverty, increasing food security, ensuring access to water, providing a means to education, and raising basic standards of living through improved equine health and welfare. We accomplish this by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.

Brooke USA strives to alleviate the suffering and vulnerability of developing communities by funding and implementing programs that improve the quality of life and health of working equines and thereby positively impacting their economic sustainability, protecting the planet, ensuring gender equality, and guaranteeing life on land resilience. We want to see healthy, happy people and equines that work in partnership to achieve sustainable local economies. For more information, visit

Brooke USA Bridge Grants

The Brooke USA Bridge Grant program is a joint effort of Brooke USA Foundation and the EQUUS Foundation to support equine charities in the United States in desperate need of financial support brought on by unplanned and/or unexpected circumstances, including but not limited to catastrophes and disasters, and provide respite to the grantee while other options are considered.

For ongoing support associated with the care of horses, such as veterinary, dental, and farrier care, horse feed, supplements, bedding, horse gear, equipment, and supplies as well as alternative treatments and interventions, please see our Transparency Awards program here.

The Brooke USA Bridge grants range between $500 and $1,000. The program offers emergency/disaster relief in three areas: 1) veterinary care, 2) dental care, and/or 3) farrier care. Grants are provided on a rolling basis and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

A total of $10,000 will be available in 2023 although Brooke USA reserves the right, from time to time, to increase the funds made available. Funds are limited to the yearly donation made by Brooke USA Foundation to the EQUUS Foundation. Selections will be made by a committee of EQUUS Foundation and Brooke USA representatives.

Only EQUUS Foundation's Guardians in good standing are permitted to apply, including those charities that find homes for at-risk equines and equines in transition, provide a safe haven for aged equines, and increase opportunities for equines to engage, inspire and empower people.

To apply, the EQUUS Foundation Guardian will need to log into its organization profile, select “BROOKE USA BRIDGE GRANTS”, and complete the online application. Applicants must address how the funds will be used, and within six months of receipt of funds, grantees must report on the use of the funds, including bills for services rendered.

For more information, contact Tim Williams, EQUUS Foundation Director of Programs, at


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