EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassadors

Meet our Equine Ambassadors

Horses bring us joy every day! Our Equine Ambassadors are sport horses whose owners donate a portion of their winnings in equestrian sport competitions to help ensure that all horses are safe, healthy, and treated with dignity as partners. Too many of America's horses are in need of a lifeline and opportunities to thrive. There's no greater gift you can give than to have your equine partner pay it forward as an EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassador.

Lafitte De Muze
Owned by Cheryl Olsten
Ridden by Amanda Steege

Lafitte De Muze
Lafitte De Muze & Amanda Steege @Tricia Booker Photography

Lafitte De Muze was the inspiration for establishing the Equine Ambassadors program and was our first of what we hope to be many EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassadors.

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EQUUS Foundation announces Lafitte De Muze as its first Equine Ambassador

Owned and Ridden by Serena Marron
National Ambassador since 2020

Cacan & Serena Marron @Andrew Ryback

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EQUUS Foundation announces Cacan as an Equine Ambassador.