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EQUUS Foundation 20th Anniversary

The EQUUS Foundation was born from love of the equestrian sport and the critical need to provide care to horses after their sport careers are over. Our commitment gets stronger with each passing year.

There's no better way to kick off our 20th Anniversary than being voted the favorite equine charity in 2022 by the readers of Equestrian Living. Read the feature story in the November-December issue of Equestrian Living here.

We kicked off our 20th Anniversary with a cocktail reception on Friday, October 7, 2022, at the home of Serena Marron in Greenwich in association with the 2nd CSI Greenwich. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our message firsthand with prominent members of the show jumping community.

20th Anniversary Leadership Circle
The Leadership Circle are individuals identified by the EQUUS Foundation Board of Directors who are committed to developing long-term solutions to ensure a humane environment for horses now and in the future and generating needed resources to implement the solutions.

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20th Anniversary Celebration
The Sky's The Limit!

We are excited to announce the largest and most ambitious fundraising campaign in our 20-year history. We have set the bar at $2 million to double our investment in equine charities making a difference in the lives of America's horses and double our endowment.

Horses bring joy to millions of people, and help make those with the deepest of wounds whole again, but tens of thousands of horses are victims of abuse and neglect each year.

During our 2022 fiscal year that ended in August, we were able to impact the lives of over 6,000 horses through our programs and grant awards. While this represents an increase of over 1,000 horses from 2021, there are still over 20,000 shipped across our borders for slaughter each year.

NO HORSE should be subjected to this inhumane fate that awaits them – especially because there are solutions within our reach.

We are committed to reducing the number of horses sent across our borders for slaughter with the goal to reduce the number to ZERO. The best way to help these horses is to transition them into a new life, role and purpose by providing viable options to owners when their owners cannot, or no longer wish to, care for them.

Along with competitive and recreational programs involving horses, programs providing equine-assisted therapeutic services offer endless career opportunities for horses in transition. Horses have the amazing ability to inspire, empower and heal.

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March 12, 2023 - Wellington, Florida
Celebrate our 20th Anniversary at the 2023 Winter Equestrian Festival on March 12
at which we will present the inaugural EQUUS Foundation Spirit Award to McLain Ward
in recognition of his significant contributions to elevating the image and desirability of horses.

We've identified four focus areas and will be reaching out to the equestrian community for support. At the core is the need for improved communications -- communication among charities, communication within the equine industry and communication with the public at large.

  1. Establishing and supporting local and regional safety net programs, such as hay banks, emergency funds, veterinarian help, gelding clinics, and end-of-life care, and increasing ways to connect horses in transition with individuals and organizations seeking horses;

  2. Publicizing the EQUUS Foundation's equine welfare standards and expanding the recognition of equine organizations - both non-profit and for-profit - that adhere to these standards. In addition to the Equine Welfare Network for equine charities, the EQUUS Foundation Forever Farms program recognizes private farms and equestrian facilities;

  3. Providing scholarships to students pursuing equine careers by utilizing the over 200 educational institutions on the EQUUS Foundation Equine Education Network that offer undergraduate and graduate equine studies programs;

  4. Continuing the education of the public on the positive impact of horses through collaborative storytelling and building consensus within the equine industry to embrace solutions for horses in transition other than shipping them across our borders for slaughter.

EQUUS Foundation Making It Right Video

EQUUS Foundation Now Is The Time Video
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The EQUUS Foundation is the only national animal welfare accrediting charity in the United States that is 100% dedicated to protecting horses from peril and strengthening the horse-human bond.

Informed giving is more important now than ever before. With the advent of the internet and social media, unfortunately, it is too easy to be misinformed and misled. The EQUUS Foundation ensures that donor dollars are directed to equine charities that are fully transparent and operating at the highest standards for horse care.

Over the course of the last twenty years, the EQUUS Foundation has developed the most comprehensive and impartial verification process to identify and invest in equine charities with the end goal to ensure that all horses involved in any role and in any capacity - as athletes, companions, teachers and healers – are treated with dignity as partners and not as commodities; and all horses are able to naturally transition from one chapter to the next without risk of abuse, neglect and slaughter.

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