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EQUUS Foundation Benefit Luncheon and Fairfield Grand Prix


The EQUUS Foundation's Annual Benefit Luncheon will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2018 in association with the Fairfield County Hunt Club June Benefit Horse Show, Tuesday-Saturday, June 19-23, 2018.

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy our "Welcome to Summer" reception starting at 11:30 am, a fabulous auction with something for everyone, a delicious luncheon, and exclusive ringside seating for the $30,000 Fairfield Grand Prix. This exciting show jumping competition is the culminating event of the five-day show, the largest and most celebrated equestrian event in Fairfield County.


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Sponsor a Class!

All donations made in association with the Fairfield show include a class sponsorship. Class sponsorships are assigned based on the sponsorship category selected by the donor on a first-come, first-served basis.

All donors will be recognized in the Fairfield County Hunt Club June Benefit Horse Show Official Program if donations are received by May 10.

Donations of $250 or more include attendance at the EQUUS Foundation Grand Prix Luncheon.

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The show is open to the public free of charge, and offers over 250 classes in which national and local equestrians of all ages compete, social activities and shopping at the show's Paddock Boutique.

The show has earned the distinction of one of the most beautiful and prestigious shows in the country, attracting world class riders. and is recognized as a Heritage Competition by the US Equestrian — the highest honor that can be bestowed on a horse show and a distinction reserved only for horse shows dedicated to technical excellence, philanthropy, and community involvement.


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Horse Show Co-Chairs
Dr Wynatte Chu Scott Green Sean Hogan, Esq.
Honorary Committee
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Barnet
Mrs. Tricia Beal
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Belden
Benedicte Berg & Jeremy Deutsch
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bondy
Elise Bucknall
Ms. Flavia Callari
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Carlos Carrera
Dr. Wynatte Chu
Mrs. Phyllis Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Condon
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Conlon
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cornell
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Crown
Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Cruz
Mrs. Luella Davis
Mrs. Debbie Dorsey
Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dubicki
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Durno
Ms. Sarah Reynard Epifano
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Filler
Mr. & Mrs. David Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. John Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Ward French III
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Frost
Ms. Vida Geranmayeh
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gordon
Mrs. Beth Gralnick
Ms. Annemarie Griggs
Mrs. Gigi Haber MFH
Mr. & Mrs. John Hansen Jr.
Mr. William R. Harris Jr.
Ms. Jane Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian J Henry
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Herman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Higgins
Mr. Sean T. Hogan Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Jacobs
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Jumper
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kaylor
Patricia J. Keenan & Lawrence D'Addario
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Keim
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lalli
Mr. & Mrs. W. Jay Leukart
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Looby
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lozano
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Pablo Mejia Fanjul
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Modzelewski
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph O'Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Placey
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Pursche
Ms. Jennifer Ross
Cynthia Rusiecki & Thomas Knadler
Mr. John G. Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sargent
Mr. & Mrs. Craig J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Max Soper
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stanton
Ms. Laure Sudreau
Ms. Brenda Tananbaum
Ms. Joey Tate
Gabrielle Guise & Jon Tiktinsky
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Tirola
Mr. & Mrs. Curt R. Tobey
Mr. Stephen Toner
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Trischman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Verrengia
Mr. & Mrs. George Walker
Mr. Joel Whidden
Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zylstra