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The process to receive financial support from the EQUUS Foundation is challenging -- and we're here to help.

Only charities that attain the EQUUS Foundation Guardian seal are eligible to receive financial support from the EQUUS Foundation. In order to be designated as a Guardian, an organization must first join our Equine Welfare Network. Click here to join our Equine Welfare Network. If your organization is already participating on our Equine Welfare Network, click here to log into your network profile and follow the online instructions to update your Guardian information.

An overview of the EQUUS Foundation Funding Cycle and a step-by-step discussion of the requirements to participate in EQUUS Foundation programs. All equine charities, including those seeking or renewing the Guardian designation, are encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 | 7 pm - 8 pm EST


Changes to EQUUS Foundation Charity Participation
Member Eligibility Requirements
Guardian Eligibility Requirements
Mentor Eligibility Requirements
Comparison of Eligibility Requirements
Funding Information

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Lafitte De Muze Matching Gift Campaign
Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 7 pm - 7:30 pm EST
Thanks to Cheryl Olsten, the owner of our Equine Ambassador Lafitte De Muze, we have $20,000 in matching funds available for EQUUS Foundation Guardian and Mentor charities to participate in the Lafitte De Muze Matching Gift Campaign. As an added benefit, Hilltop Bio is donating $5,000 in products to participating charities.

The campaign will be held on Wednesday, December 13 in association with the National Day of the Horse, which was established by Congress in 2004 to celebrate the cultural, historic, and economic contributions that horses have made and continue to make.

Please join us for this webinar which will outline HOW EASY it is for your organization to participate in this fundraising opportunity and to generate much needed funds! Attendance is limited to EQUUS Foundation Guardians and Mentors only.


Lafitte De Muze Matching Gift Campaign
Hilltop Bio Products

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