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Horse Whisperers

Making a lasting difference in the lives of people and horses

Michele E. Arnhold Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2008 by the family of Michele E. Arnhold in memory of her life-long passion, her pursuit of excellence, and her commitment and contribution to the equestrian sport.

2019: GallopNYC, Forest Hills, NY, & High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Old Lyme, CT

Daniel D. Barkan Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2013 by the family of Daniel D. Barkan, a quiet philanthropist and gentleman, in memory of his life-long love of horses.

2019: Brook Hill Farm, Forest, VA, & Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred ExRacehorses (CANTER Michigan), Commerce Township, MI

Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2019 in honor of Emma and Georgina Bloomberg.

2019: Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Airville, PA

Samantha "Sam" Calzone Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2019 in memory of Samantha Calzone as a tribute to Samantha's life and her everlasting passion for horses.

Elaine Enick Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2017 in memory of Elaine Enick by her family and friends in recognition of her pursuit to find happiness and joy in everything and her enduring love of horses.

2019: Saving Horses, Inc., Encinitas, CA

Renee Farmer Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2019 in memory of Renee Farmer by Paul Guilden and Mikelle Terson.

2019: Standardbred Retirement Foundation, Cream Ridge, NJ

The Michael & Kerry Gaynor Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2018 by the EQUUS Foundation in appreciation of Michael & Kerry Gaynor's innovative approach to philanthropy in establishing the Houses for Horses Grant program.

2019: Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation, Palm City, FL

Joan & George Hornig Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2019 by the EQUUS Foundation in honor of Joan & George Hornig in appreciation of their boundless compassion and selfless generosity.

2019: The Equus Effect, Sharon, CT

Francis P. (Frank) Kruel Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2019 in memory of Frank Kruel by his friends.

2019: Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement, Inc., Salem, CT

Lafitte De Muze Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2018 by Cheryl Olsten in the name of her horse, Lafitte De Muze, to protect America's horses at risk for abuse and neglect, and to inspire others who experience the joy of horses to help ensure that all horses live in comfort and with dignity throughout their lives.

2019: Return to Freedom, Lompoc, CA, & Safe Haven Equine Rescue & Retirement Home, Inc., Gilmer, TX

Mighty Nice Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2018 by Caroline Moran in recognition of 2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Inductee Mighty Nice owned by HnD Group, which was formed in memory of the late Bruce Duchossois, who owned Mighty Nice before his passing in 2014.

2019: Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, Lexington, KY

Richard L. Parish Memorial Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2014 by the family of Richard L. Parish in recognition of his leadership and dedication for over 45 years to the causes supported by the Richard Laurence Parish Foundation.

2019: Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, John’s Island, SC, Green Chimneys Children’s Services, Brewster, NY, & Special Equestrians, Warrington, PA

Warioto Farm & Joni Werthan Forever Farms Horse Whisperer Award
Established in 2018 by the EQUUS Foundation in appreciation of Joni Werthan and the Warioto Farm as the inaugural EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm dedicated to preserving open space for America's horses and safeguarding their comfort and dignity throughout their lives, especially America's carriage horses and in memory of her beloved "Magical Max".

2019: Draft Gratitude, Winchester, NH

The EQUUS Foundation recognizes the names of loved ones for whom memorial donations were made during the last two years.
September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020


Kendal Curry Ray


Samantha Marie “Sam” Calzone




September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019

Alan Jay Solomon



Christine Manz-Wolski

Danielle Brazer

Elizabeth Lee



Frank Kruel

Gerald Brennan


Janet Sterba

Jean Pollock O'Melia

Joan Chismudy

Judy Opie

Kenneth Danz


Lisa Ann Campbell


Marilee Lowe

Marrianne E. Holmes

Max Werthan

Roberto Bermudez Sr.

Shelby Coyle

Terry McGrath

Vance E. Boyd


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Ways to Give
The EQUUS Foundation spends significant time evaluating grant and scholarship applications to insure that your donation will make a real difference. All grant and scholarship recipients must meet the Foundation's eligibility requirements and grant making guidelines.

An Unrestricted donation is one that may be used to provide financial support to any of the grant or scholarship recipients deemed worthy of award by the Board of Directors of the EQUUS Foundation.

Field-of-interest donations are ones where the donors may designate a particular area of charitable interest for the award of a grant, such as programs focused on improving the quality of life of horses, or programs providing opportunities for horses to impact people's lives, especially people with special needs. We will work with you to define your specific interest.