The Hylofit System is an equine wearable for monitoring heart rate that was designed to maximize communication between horse and rider and promote the overall health and well-being of the horse.

Heart rate is an indicator of workload, stress and pain so Hylofit provides objective insight into the impact of human interaction on the horse. For more information, visit www.hylofit.com.

Hylofit "GIVE FROM THE HEART" Horse Welfare Awards

The EQUUS Foundation is proud to partner with Hylofit to promote the overall health and well-being of America's horses.

For the inaugural program year, the EQUUS Foundation will invite five EQUUS Foundation Guardians to receive a Hylofit System, complete with a free app membership. Hylofit provides insights for understanding the emotional and physical state of a horse.

Thanksgiving through Giving Tuesday
November 28, 2019 - December 3rd, 2019
Hylofit will be donating a Hylofit to the EQUUS Foundation for every Hylofit purchased between Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday. The added donations will be used to extend the pilot program beyond the five initially selected charities.

Please contact the EQUUS Foundation if your organization would like to be considered to receive a additional Hylofit System resulting from the Giving Tuesday campaign.

Only those organizations that have received the EQUUS Foundation Guardian designation are eligible to receive a Hylofit System. The selected charities will be responsible for providing feedback and data to evaluate the benefit of using Hylofit. This initial pilot program will form the basis for the Hylofit partnership with EQUUS Foundation and the Guardian organizations going forward.

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