2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Recipients

Official Name: GiGi
Birth Year: 2002 Gender: Mare. Breed: Haflinger


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Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, Inc.
We bet you have never met a horse quite like GiGi. This 20-year-old Haflinger excels as a therapy horse here at Pal-O-Mine and is a well-known barn favorite. GiGi came to us after being found in a field with another mare out of state. With very little information about how her life started, we only knew she may have been used to give pony rides for a circus.
She is known for her zesty personality, her intelligence and her steady demeanor. Her ears are always forward while doing her job. GiGi is the only horse we have known to be able to open stall doors with one quick motion of her muzzle. During her lessons, she knows exactly what pace her students need and helps create the input to help each student succeed. The majority of her students are on the autism spectrum, have ADHD, behavioral challenges or sensory processing difficulties. Once a child is on GiGi, their entire day changes for the better. Gigi is used for all of our programs. Besides adaptive horseback riding, she is a favorite for speech and occupational therapy sessions, equine assisted psychotherapy and learning, unmounted horsemanship and natural horsemanship.
GiGi is truly an all-around horse. When Pal-O-Mine's staff members put together a mounted drill team, GiGi pranced through the elaborate routine to the music from "The Greatest Showman", she can definitely pick up a beat! From performing dressage freestyles to western barrel racing, GiGi is one of the most versatile horses at Pal-O-Mine.
GiGi is entering her senior years and would greatly benefit from Platinum Performance products to help maintain her health and personality for many more years to come.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Lisa Gatti is the CEO/Founder of Pal-O-Mine, which is the owner of GiGi. -- Lisa Gatti