2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Estepona B
Birth Year: 2004 Gender: Gelding. Breed: Warmblood


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Special Equestrians
Steven’s gentle manner and smooth gaits make him a perfect ride for the range of individuals with disabilities he works with, from hemiplegic stroke to autism. This walk-trot-canter horse participates in most of the programs we offer at Special Equestrians – including therapeutic riding, Silver Saddles, group programs, summer camp, off-site programming, and workshops for breast cancer survivors – calibrating to individual needs and capabilities and absorbing their physical and emotional pain. Because of his sensitivity to his riders, he developed ulcers two years ago and receives two medications daily to ensure he is healthy and happy for his riders. Medication, along with attentive care has allowed him to participate in 181 lessons in the first two quarters of this year. On a hot and humid day in May, Steven was enrolled in multiple divisions of the Therapeutic Riding Division of the Devon Horse with multiple levels of assistance (on lead, off-lead, walk only and walk-trot-canter). He performed outstandingly for all of his riders, helping them bring home a number of ribbons. The judges agreed and named Steven Devon’s 2022 Therapy Horse of the Year. Steven would benefit from Platinum Performance supplements to help keep him comfortable physically and help him continue working with the 12-15 riders that count on him each week to provide a respite from their daily lives.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
The staff of Special Equestrians nominates our accommodating, versatile therapy horse Steven for an EQUUS Foundation Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award. Steven has been a top therapy horses at our riding center for seven years and has touched the lives of those who ride and interact with him. Special Equestrians has owned this 18-year-old Belgian Warmblood since July 2015, when he was donated to us by his owner, Saly Glassman, after a hind suspensory injury ended his show jumping career. Steven quickly and easily shifted gears and became a therapy horse that our program staff trusts and relies on to support riders. -- Janice Witt