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The EQUUS Foundation connects individuals and organizations in the equine community committed to the welfare of horses with the goal of building a support base of equine advocates and affecting change.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, join us! Together, we can improve the way America's horses are treated and perceived and build a more sustainable environment for horses and for the people whose lives they are benefiting.

The EQUUS Foundation is the only national charity in the United States 100% dedicated to ensuring the welfare of America's equines and fostering the horse-human bond.

Our mission is to protect America's horses and strengthen the bond between horses and people.

Calling All Horse Lovers!

We welcome all horse lovers to receive news of our programs and activities and participate in our Champions Volunteer program.

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Equine Welfare Network

The Equine Welfare Network consists of equine organizations united by their commitment to horse welfare that are primarily charitable organizations, government agencies, and other non-profit entities that meet our eligibility requirements. We welcome all eligible organizations to sign up and take advantage of the benefits of participation. We welcome all eligible organizations to sign up and take advantage of the benefits of participation.

Missouri Forget Me Not


Today, the benefits of the horse-human bond are becoming more apparent. Horses thrill us as athletes, but they are also amazing teachers, companions and healers - positively influencing not just our happiness but also our health.

Your donation will be put right to work to help eliminate the abuse and neglect of America's horses and make the horse's unique ability to empower, teach and heal available to more people!

Every donation makes a difference!

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America's Horses Need Our Protection

All horses, even champions of the racetrack and the show ring, are only one unlucky step away from abuse, neglect and slaughter.

65,009 of America's horses were transported over the border for slaughter last year. Most were young, healthy, and had untapped potential. None deserved this inhumane end of life.

America's horses need homes where they can flourish as athletes, companions, teachers, and especially healers.

Above: Skip to My Lulu (Lulu) before being adopted by Aimee Schulz. Below: Lulu was inducted into the EQUUS Foundation/USEF Horse Stars Hall of Fame in 2016. Read about Lulu's accomplishments here

Horses Change Lives

Horses thrill us as athletes, grace our lives as companions, instill confidence and teamwork in equestrians of all ages and perform miracles for people with special needs.

Horses can dramatically improve the lives of people with special needs and allow them to live life as productively and independently as possible, yet equine activities and therapies are only available to a small percentage of people with special needs.

The EQUUS Foundation is committed to raising awareness among horse owners of the many opportunities available for horses after their competitive careers are over.