2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Ruffles
Birth Year: 1999 Gender: Mare. Breed: Other


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Kentucky Equine Adoption Center
Ruffles is one of the sweetest horses that we have here at the Center. Her calm personality is perfect for people who are unsure of horses and is a great example of the work we do here. She has been a rockstar in our SASH program, teaching first-time horse owners how to care for and handle horses. She is very kind and forgiving with people, which is perfect for our education programs. She has also been a great presence in our Equine-Assisted Learning program, teaching people how to communicate through body language. Ruffles has been an incredible horse to have here at the Center and we hope she will find a home with someone who will appreciate her as much as we do. As an older mare she would benefit greatly from Platinum Performance products. She is currently on a generic hoof and joint supplement and is on Prascend medication to help with her metabolic issues, but we would like to get her on a more advanced hoof and joint supplement to make sure she is getting the best support possible. With everything that Ruffles has given us, we want to give her something in return. She truly deserves the best supplementation to keep her healthy and happy in her older years.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Ruffles was surrendered to the KyEAC in March of 2021 due to some medical issues causing her to no longer be ridden by her owner. She came to us diagnosed with Cushing’s and White Line disease. After stepping off the trailer, we could immediately tell she had a wonderful, kind spirit and although she was clearly foot-sore, she was happy to see us and had hope in her eyes. We spent the first few months treating her feet and figuring a shoeing plan that would help keep her sound. She went on Prascend medication for her Cushing’s and we began to see her transform into a sound, happy horse. Although she is limited to being adopted as a companion only horse, she still has a lot to give her future adopter. -- Karen Gustin