2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Runners-Up

Mae West
Official Name: Mae West
Birth Year: 2010 Gender: Mare. Breed: Clydesdale


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Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation, Inc.
When most people think of a Clydesdale, they think of big beautiful horses with crisply white flowing feathers on their legs and pulling a carriage of beer with a full team of Clydesdales. When people who know Mae West think of Clydesdales, another picture is brought to mind. She told us early on in her life that she did NOT want to be a carriage driving horse and insisted on becoming a therapeutic riding horse. She also does not have the flowing feathers on her legs because she always ends up with scratches and sores from itching them constantly on whatever she can find…the wall, the paddock gates (the gates did not fare well!) or laying down and chewing on the back of her heals.

As a therapeutic riding horse, she has taught several teens and adults how to post the trot, become more confident, build strength and just improve their lives overall. Mae is a particular favorite among our team of Veterans who participate in our Equine Services for Heroes Program. She has been a community favorite as she is one of the ambassadors for Loudoun Therapeutic Riding. She loves meeting people, and we affectionately refer to her as the “Wal-mart greeter”.

For these reasons and more, Mae West is an outstanding candidate for this grant. She would absolutely love and benefit from Platinum Performance products that help with skin allergies and her overall health. We'd love to help her continue to help people experience the joy of connecting with this amazing equine. Thank you for considering Mae West!!

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am the program director for Loudoun Therapeutic Riding, Inc. and have known Mae West since we first went to see her in late 2015. Our horse manager and driving instructor and I went to a farm near Lancaster, PA to see an entirely different horse, however as meeting Mae West our attention immediately shifted toward this lovely mare. She joined LTR in 2017 (after undergoing some additional training) as member of our exceptional herd. -- Kathryn P. Blaine