2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Official Name: UVM Gameboy
Birth Year: 1998 Gender: Gelding. Breed: Morgan


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High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
Teddy embodies all that is desirable in an equine partner. He is able to be partnered with an individual learning to canter or an individual who requires maximum assistance at all times. He works in the unmounted program and is able to draw even the most timid participant out with his gregarious nature. One specific participant comes to mind when thinking of just how special he is. This participant requires the maximum level of support throughout her lesson. Teddy's smooth, consistent walk provided this rider with the opportunity to build her core strength and improve her balance. Though the rider was non-verbal, she very clearly communicated when she wanted him to trot. When he trotted, Teddy would glide across the arena and immediately illicit a smile and laugh out of the rider. One day when walking around the arena with this rider, Teddy halted and would not move his feet. Three futile attempts to get the horse to walk on left me, the instructor, scratching my head. Within 10 seconds the rider had a seizure. The horse did not move a muscle but rather stood quietly and patiently until the brief seizure passed. Exhausted, the rider was struggling to maintain a central position in the saddle. Due to mobility challenges with the rider, it was decided to have the horse move closer to the arena gate before dismounting. Teddy realized what was happening before any of us and demonstrated his deep understanding of his job. He walked his rider to the rail with the utmost care and waited for her to be dismounted. Once dismounted and in her wheelchair, Teddy turned to look at the rider and walked off with his horse handler. The commitment to provide horses within the care of High Hopes with the best routine care we can is unwavering. As Teddy ages, his needs have increased. Sensitivity to bugs and other allergens as well as arthritic changes associated with the normal aging process are evident. The ability to provide him with a quality supplement like Platinum Performance is vital to maintaining his comfort, condition and ability to partner in service with so many who continue to benefit from his unique gifts.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
As the Executive Director and an Instructor at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc., I have known Teddy since he arrived in 2007. -- Mary K. Stalsburg