2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Smirk
Birth Year: 2006 Gender: Gelding. Breed: Thoroughbred


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New England Equine Rescue - North Inc.
Please describe in detail why you are nominating this horse to receive a Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award, including the horse's background, horse's personality and temperament, the type of services, disciplines or activities performed by the horse and why the horse would benefit from Platinum Performance products.
Smirk is a Kentucky bred Thoroughbred 16.3 hand bay gelding that was sold at Kneeland Association 2006 September Yearling Sale for $240,000. During his racing career he had 30 Starts with 6 Wins, 4 Places, and 2 Shows earnings of $132,888. After retiring from racing, he was sent to Essex Agricultural and Technical High School in Massachusetts where he spent time as a schooling horse. He was surrendered to NEER North due to developing behavior issues under saddle.
Smirks awesome personality and ability to get along with everyone, horse and human alike, made him an instant barn favorite. He continued to have behavior issues under saddle due to discomfort. NEER Veterinarian was called to X-ray Smirk in 2019. The X-ray showed that he had mild kissing spine. This diagnosis has deterred potential adopters.
He was sent to NH for rehab after an injury to his Knee that required surgery following by rehabilitation and training in 2020, that is when I met Smirk. Holy good-looking horse! What a beauty. I started to spend time with him while he was stall bound. Then once he could move around, going for walks, doing groundwork, just having an enjoyable time. I found out that he is like a giant puppy! Always interested in what everyone is doing and following me around everywhere. He started to gain muscle and strength. We spend a few months rehabbing and building him up on the ground. We also had the Chiropractor out to adjust Smirk which really helped him – time for a ride!
Turns out with consistent work Smirk was able to do a lot! And he loves trail riding! This big, beautiful guy is great on the flat. He LOVES attention and he loves activity.
I am nominating Smirk because he would benefit greatly from Equine Joint Support Formula due to his age, time on the track, and previous knee injury. This high-quality product will help keep him doing the things he loves!

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
My name is Kathryn Cordeiro, and I am a NEER Board member. I met Smirk when he came to NH for additional training. I was so lucky to be selected by NEER, prior to being a board member, as his person and trainer for the time he was in NH. Smirk is the reason I am on the board now. -- Kathryn Cordeiro