Stepping Out at Fairfield
Presented by Fairfield Equine

Stepping Out at Fairfield

The Stepping Out campaign on , sponsored by Fairfield Equine Associates, will specifically benefit our Guardian charities located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

It's easy to participate! First, select your favorite horse from among the participating EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities that you wish to digitally "sponsor", second, set the number of steps you pledge to take during the campaign by walking, running, riding or other activities to raise awareness of the horse you are sponsoring, and third, establish a fundraising goal if you want to raise funds to help care for the horse you selected in addition to raising awareness.

Choose from among these wonderful equines representing EQUUS Foundation Guardians in the Northeast and register here.

Leader, Herd Protector & King of the Hill. Tommy is our greatest mystery with no history and no story of what his life was like before, but instead of heading south over the Mexican border to a slaughter house, Tommy will live out his life with us in a pasture full of grass.

Sweet Annie
Annie is a 6-year old Thoroughbred mare available for adoption shown here with staff member Annie Marchese. Learn more here.

The man, the myth, the legend. There is no horse that can get as dirty as he can. You can clip his hind legs, fling a blanket up on him, and douse him with fly spray. But please, do NOT park the wheelbarrow out of place as it may signal the end of the world as he knows.

Patrick is a 27-year old pony shown here with his rider Charlotte and Ms. Martha, a PATH Intl Advanced Instructor and GAIT's Executive Director

Flash is a 5-year old pony rescued from a kill pen shown here with Ella. Ella raised $1,000 for the surgery to repair his locking stifle so he could run as fast as a flash. He is now pain-free as he awaits his next chapter.

Al Pacino I
Photo @Mary Elizabeth Ryan
Al Pacino I is a 20-year old Holsteiner shown here with equestrian student, Lilyana.

High school student Tyler bonding with 2-year old miniature horse Cricket, one of 21 special horses partnering with special needs students

When we rescued Thunder-Heart & Holland in 2018, he had been struck by lightning (& survived!), was 250 lbs underweight and blind in his left eye with severe neurological damage. Now 14, the 18 hand Registered American Warmblood is trail riding several miles 2-3xs a week & looking for his forever home.

Thomas, our 14 year-old Norwegian Fjord, is shown here with combat veteran Ian, who rides and drives him. Thomas has been a valuable member of our herd for 11 years and is well loved for his big personality!

Kind, generous and true, Petra is one of 21 horses who bring joy and ease to many at High Hopes. Petra, donated as a 4 year old, has been with us for over 20 years. Unique in her longevity, consistency, reliability and disposition, she is a gift to all those she meets.

Morning Glory (Glory)
Glory, a 22-year old mare has been with us since 2009 shown here with volunteer Elizabeth Brooks, Juliana McVey on Glory, and instructor Cindy Conquest.

Lila was born a few months after her mother, Mira, was rescued from slaughter and represents 8 foals born out of mares saved from slaughter thanks to donors.

Our blue-eyed Lucy is one of our magical ponies, and everyone's favorite. She works many hours carrying her precious cargo of children with disabilities, and for 10 years, has been a good friend to all her riders.

Ruby and Pom
When their owner passed away, Pom and Ruby, a father/daughter team of Brabants, needed a place where they could stay together. Today, this dynamic duo welcomes every visitor to the farm and are vital members of our therapy team partnering with clients in our equine-assisted psychotherapy programs and shown here during an equine assisted reiki session.

Photo @Maggie Conroy
Minnie is an 18-year old Norwegian Fjord who has been with Mane Stream since 2011.

Honor n' Charm (Charm)
Though Charm came from a long line of proven racehorses, a runner she wasn't so her owners banked on her genes as a brood mare. Bred 18 times in 18 years, her owners planned to euthanize her -- instead -- an opening allowed Charm to live out her life at Mitchell Farm.

Nugget is a 17-year-old Golden Palomino gelding. He was terribly abused and beaten before we rescued him, and is blind in the left eye due to past mistreatment. Due to his sad past, he is extremely shy and skittish because he doesn't know who he can trust. But once you earn his trust, he only wants to please you.

Que Tabagon
Q's first 3 years took him to Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and Florida despite a lackluster racing career. He's getting lots of love and training shown here with junior volunteer, Mallory, and is available for adoption here.

Our sweet Welsh pony, Midnight Blues, AKA Blue, came to us 20 years ago after a show career. Now in his early 30's, Blue is kind-hearted and super fun to groom and ride. He's taught hundreds of our horsemanship and therapeutic students. Fun fact: Blue has ticklish withers.

Fiona and Becky
Fiona and Becky, two aged Haflinger mares, had a full life pulling carriages in parades and for weddings until their elderly owner could no longer care for them. They represent what we stand for - helping local horses in need and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands or landing in the auction pipeline.

Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie was brought to our rescue from an animal seizure case this past March. She's about 12 years old and stands at 14 hands. We're guessing she's a Paso Fino. She's finished training and will make a lovely trail horse!

Cajun was abandoned when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2004. Emaciated with severe hoof damage, when he made his way to New York, no one could touch or ride him, but he overcame the trauma. Cajun has been a therapy horse with us since 2006 helping clients who are learning to survive, cope, adapt, and grow.

Caarisma, a 22-year old Arabian mare shown here with Ken Clair, Caarisma and Ken participate in the Equus Effect Program for First Responders.

Luke is a 27 year old Haflinger who "does it all" for us. For more than 15 years, he has worked with some of our most challenged as well as our most independent clients and has a larger than life personality that we love.

Pixie, an 11-year old Welsh pony, was anxiety-ridden when she was surrendered to Rising Starr in 2018. She has blossomed into a super spokes pony educating the public on the plight of America's horses.

Gabriella (Gabby)
Gabby, a 28-year-old Percheron cross, came to our rescue with severe arthritis after her owners abandoned her in 2020, but that doesn't slow her down or sour her incredibly sweet personality. Gabby is adoptable - learn more here.

Sequana raced 70 times, the last 33 in Puerto Rico, finishing at the bottom in all but one. Thanks to pressure from the racing office, he retired in March 2021. Following some well-deserved downtime, Sequana will be evaluated under saddle and then will be available for adoption.

George is a 24 year old Quarter Horse/Draft cross who is our go-to guy! A former lesson horse and eventing horse, he taught so many individuals to ride he has a fan base. Sensible and loveable, George partners with us in equine-assisted learning and psychotherapy when he’s not with his BFF, our rescue mule, Elmer.

Steven, a 16.1 hand warmblood in his late teens, is a retired show jumper shown here with Sarah, at the 2019 Devon Horse Show where they were reserve grand champion, Therapeutic Rider Division. "Riding Steven means so much. Even though I had my stroke and can't use my right arm or leg, I can go riding."

Tito, now 11, was a former racing Standardbred known as Honey Don't Hangover. After earning $24,760, he then spent 7 years as an Amish work horse before being sent to the kill pen. Near death when Tito was rescued, he is now full of life shown here with volunteer Melissa and adoptable - see here.

There is no measure for the value of compassion, non-judgment and self-awareness that a clear channel like Tango can bring to people who have lost hope. He appears to see right into their hearts and knows intuitively how to make them feel safe so the healing process can begin.

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